Olga Chertova was born and grew up in Kaliningrad – the western city of Russia. Since childhood her truly wish was to be an artist. Great influence on Olga’s development as an artist had her uncle – professional artist. He was the first person who gave her brushes and oil paints when she was four. Also great support was provided by her grandmother, who always said, that Olga can take an ordinary thing and convert it into something beautiful.
At age of seventeen Olga Chertova started to create graphic design works. In total she worked in design almost ten years. During these years she gained experience of graphics teacher, graphic designer, web designer, owner of design studio, copywriter, photographer and art curator.
Since 2000’s she take part in art exhibitions. In 2008 she decided to devote herself to art. Olga has solo and group exhibitions in Russia, Lithuania, Poland and England. Periodically she takes part in workshops. Her artworks are in many private collections.

Being artist...

Who am I as an artist? A woman in search for ideas. A woman who wants to change the world. I don’t want to see only best side of it. A woman who thinks about people. A woman who speaks women language, be it trouble or happiness. A woman seeking truth and her way in art and life. My art discover different themes. It's psychological, funny, thinking, ironic. Mostly it's all around women and surrounding problems through my point of view. I figurally sit on the hill an look at the life how it goes and how people live and what they do and react on it sometimes with humor sometimes with tears but always with empathy. I help and wait for help. I'm interacting with reality within the framework of the 21st century. This reality allowed me to try jump above my head in attempting to become happier here and now. In this reality, in this environment, in this world.

Solo exhibitions
2013 Mayday Gallery, Riga, Juicy Sex
2009 Rolberg Gallery, Kaliningrad, Russia, Olga Chertova Drawings Exhibition
2009 Center of French language, Kaliningrad, What do I wish to tell in French

Group exhibitions
2019/12 National center of contemporarу art, Kaliningrad, M ART
2019/12 Kaliningrad Regional Youth Center, Nabrosok Art Festival
2019/3 Port Art space, Kaliningrad, Opening exhibition
2018/12 Kaliningrad Regional Youth Center, Nabrosok Art Festival
2018/11 Kaliningrad Museum of Art, Slovision
2018 Horizons of creativity, Kaliningrad, Union of Artists of Russia
2011 Sensation Modern Gallery, London, Sensation Modern artists
2011 Central House of Artists, Moscow, Epson photo contest
2011 Showcase London, London, Showcase cities project
2010 Central Exhibition Hall Manege, St. Petersburg, Photo vernissage
2010 M'ars contemporary art center, Moscow, Epson photo contest
2009 CS Alternativa, Kaliningrad, Autumn exhibition
2009 Museum of history and art, Kaliningrad, An instant of color
2009 CS Alternativa, Kaliningrad, Photocontact
2009 CS Alternativa, Kaliningrad, Protest
2008 Klints Gallery project, Liepaya, Latvia, Liepaya’s Marina Exhibition
2007 Torun through the Twin Camera Lens, Torun, Poland
2007 Kaliningrad art gallery, Kaliningrad, Photomania
2006 Museum of world ocean, Kaliningrad, Salt of water
2005 Museum of world ocean, Kaliningrad, Taste of water
2005 Kaliningrad art gallery, Kaliningrad, Photomania
2002 Kaliningrad art gallery, Kaliningrad, Young art exhibition

2018/12 Nabrosok Art Festival, I prize/Installation
2011 Professional Photographer of the Year (PROTY 2010 Interiors/architecture ), shortlist
2010/11 Epson photo competition Russia 2010, II prize
2009/10 Epson photo competition Russia 2009, II prize/objects

2009 Center of French language, Kaliningrad, What do I wish to tell in French
2007 CS Alternativa, Kaliningrad, PhotoPoetry
Curatorial work
2007 CS Alternativa, Kaliningrad, PhotoPoetry

Drawing dreams foundation (artist helping children programm), CA, USA