Oksana Ivanik

Oksana Ivanik


My name is Oksana Ivanik. I liked drawing from my childhood. But that time I did it flabbily and it was an unskilled work. I realized that I needed art teacher help. Nevertheless, I entered an art school in later life when I was 16. My parents insisted on first graduating from a musical school. It was a main reason why I had to wait for so long. When I had graduated from an art school I entered St.-Petersburg Art College named after Rerih (fine art restorer speciality). Then I taught drawing and painting for six years in Vyborg’s Gymnasium School. Later I became a professional graphic designer.

My technique differs from customary watercolour techniques. I studied academical painting and I know all watercolour characteristics. I know how watercolor paint likes spreading on paper creating incredibly beautiful open work dabs. I know how one colour can fantastically melt into another and I’m aware of how watercolour paint likes water. And I created my own method of working with this material. And exactly that method makes my artwork look bright and expressive. That is what suits me most of all. I’m just in love with watercolour and that technique. The colours don’t dry up or become colorless, but they stay bright on paper.

In my artwork I want to tell about an incredible and beautiful world that God created. Look at this world through my pictures. I want my artwork to arouse kind and beautiful feelings, keep up your spirits and bring joy to you and your loved ones.


Watercolor and Mix Media on 300 gr p

Illustartion Art

Watercolor and mix media