Oi Fortin

Oi Fortin


I am a printmaker specializing in Monotype prints, living and working in New Haven, Connecticut. I have a studio in an artists’ enclave called Erector Square. I am a full-time artist, working in my studio most days, with a few days a month set aside to explore and get new ideas and inspiration by going to museums, lectures, seminars and talks by other artists. I am happiest when I am working in my studio. I exhibit in various venues in the US and internationally. My work is in permanent collections in the USA, Asia and Europe.

My studio is a working space, but I welcome visitors by appointment or during the Erector Square weekend of City-Wide Open Studios, hosted by Art Space New Haven, in October.

What is Monotype? A monotype is a print made by painting or drawing with ink on a plate of smooth material, such as copper, zinc or plexiglass. Special printmaking paper is placed on the plate, and the two are passed through a printing press, transferring the image onto the paper. The print produced is one-of-a-kind (monotype), although sometimes a faint “ghost-print” can be made from any ink remaining on the plate. Inks are oil-based or water-based. Different materials can be placed between plate and paper, or paper and press to emboss and embellish the monotype.