I was born in Aix-en-Provence, early in the morning, and still adore contemplating the wonders of daybreak. I have always had an emotional reaction to viewing the relationship and placement of colors to each other. It was a great moment, when, once at an exhibition of the work of Vincent Van Gogh, this latent passion to paint was awakened in me. Painting has since become my road partner and faithful friend.

My current work is representational and allows me to express the enjoyment I find in music and reading. I like sharing this happiness with others, in places like coffee houses, restaurants, and wherever life takes me.

My colors are often very sharp applications of lively colors, highlighted with black lines, which correspond to my current emotional state, but who knows where my art will take me next?  From the luminous landscapes of Provence or Morocco, to the musical street scenes of New Orleans, with its interesting mix of hot jazz clubs and even hotter women, I'll go where the road takes me.

 Colors should shimmer, and celebrate life!