Cazz Art

Cazz Art

Bob Casazza is an awarding winning Art Director, Animator, Television &
Advertising Writer-Producer, Broadcast Executive, and Marketing Specialist.
After more than 35 years of a professional career, Bob is going back to where
he started…as an Artist.

Bob began drawing at the age of 5 and developed a strong interest in cartooning
and animation. He published a variety of popular comic strips and editorial
cartoons for his high school and college newspapers.
As a Fine Art major at the University of Maryland (1964-68), Bob excelled at
drawing, painting, lithography and printmaking. Through course studies and
school activities, he also developed strong graphic design, creative writing, and marketing skills.

Bob’s professional career began in television with local and network stations in Washington, D.C., Chicago and Seattle. He worked with exceptional broadcasters
and journalists, creating quality content, and programming in many forms.
Bob’s positions took an upward path as Art Director, Creative Services Director,
and Vice President of Audience Development. In 1999, he started his own
production and marketing company, NW Directions.

Bob’s career was demanding with many successes but he always found time for
a few personal art projects. These included stories and drawings for children’s
books, cartoons, illustrations, and paintings. Many of these paintings were
created with a 2-D technique, using cel-vinyl on plexiglass mounted over
another painted background. In 2006, two of these paintings were published in
the book “Beatles Art: Fantastic New Artwork of the Fab Four”.

Bob’s work is still evolving. As a full time artist, he’s on an accelerated timeline
to create a new and larger body of work. Looking forward Bob’s paintings offer something bold and colorful, something unusual, new, and playful. You’ll even
find the true personality behind a puppy’s face.