I am a medical doctor, by profession. I am from Izmir, Turkey; mother of twin daughters. At first, my love for oil paintings started in my university years. After 20 years working as a doctor, I decided to take art courses. After taking art courses for 2 years, I also became an art instructor. Knowing that so much effort and time is needed for artworks, I continued studying. During this time I developed a passion and interest in watercolor.
I am continuing my life in Madrid, Spain with my cellist daughter, for her education. In the meantime I have set a ‘10,000 hours to mastery’ goal and I am working on watercolor for this goal.
Vivid color applications, and realistic or semi-realistic pictures are the choices that make me live through this watercolor journey with much joy and happiness. My will and ambition is to share my feelings and hopes for the future, through my paintings.
I am mostly a self-taught artist. And I think I am reflecting my love for art and especially for watercolor; very clearly in my paintings. Thank you for joining me in my wonderful journey.
My web page is www.nksonart.com.



By the window

By the sea