NUPHO Design

NUPHO Design

Most of our patterns describe the theme of water and ice in a completely new way.
The great variety of colors is nothing more than reflections of light and colors.
Each motif, especially the water pearls, had a period of several weeks, passing through all three Agregate states of frozen,
liquid and gaseous states. The creative recordings are only made at a certain time of the year without any intervention.
Many motifs from NUPHO Design show a plastic 3D impression.

Water in its purest form

Water is the only element on our earth, which in three different States. In frozen, liquid and gaseous aggregate state.
The water motifs depicted here are all three aggregate states in a long natural process.
The photo designer Nihat Uysal is passionate about water, ice, light and Colors,
the origin of life in a visual way in a visual way Completely new perception.
This element so to characterize and To create positive moods and creativity, create a special request in terms of quality and quality.

Mood through depth

On closer inspection a plastic effect of the forms is very clear recognize.
The great detail makes the motifs also lively and dynamic.
Some pictures are actually so small that they just can be seen as steam with the naked eye almost only can not be perceived.
The multiple magnification shows a fantastic, almost picturesque world with heights And depths in its various forms and patterns.
Through the pre-established exposure of light and colors, structures, Surfaces and shapes into a fantastic world of water.

Awareness water

Water and ice so manifold, is intended to be in addition to its positive expression Also a conducive to the simplest but most existential element In the viewer. We humans, every living thing, every plant and our earth itself exist Mostly from more than 70% of water. From this fact exists a fundamental, fundamental relationship and Affirmation to itself.

Information water

Water is essentially nothing but the universal data carrier of all Substances.
In every single hydrogen molecule, all the information of our entire hydrogen molecule Universe with all its elements and stored indelibly.
In order for the water and ice images depicted here to be photographed in such a colorful manner,
Pure, so that these colors and contrasts with its fine color gradations can absorb it, In order to be able to reproduce them on textiles of the highest quality.

A picture can say more than a thousand words, pictures of this kind describe the existence in itself and in itself.