Numeralism By Julien Savoyet

The French artist is the inventor of the "numeralism" movement.

The suffix "ism" of the word "numeral" refers of course to the naming nomenclature found in most artistic movements. In this case, the closest being the Pop-Art affiliations , Mannerism but Symbolism.

The prefix "numeral”, as regards to him is both a reference to the symbolic of the numbers and also the symbolic of the encryption, ie coding.

In his work, the artist distinguished figures 6 and 9 by drawing for the figure 6 a tail forming an "evasive" arc, as to point to its successor, the number 7.

On the contrary, the tail of the numbers 9 forms a concave curve up so obvious toward the round part of the drawing figure, as if the figure wanted to close the loop of the tens.