Elwira Pioro AKA NuEllE

Elwira Pioro AKA NuEllE


My passion for art began at a young age. As a child I was surrounded by art, dance, and music but didn't start focusing on creating formal art until a few years ago. Early on my creativity came in the form of small charcoal sketches and watercolors, some of which were selected to be permanent fixtures in the school I attended. At the time I used my artistic side as an escape from reality (growing up in a communist country was very tough at times ) As a young adult I gained experience on both sides of the easel acting as a figure model and studio assistant for my Aunt, who is a very established fine artist in Germany, Russia and Poland. This is when I first started bringing my emotions and unique vision to canvas, hoping that one day I could be creating art for a living just like her . In hope for a better life and more opportunities i came to US in 1996.The reality was very different from what I envisioned...Shortly after I become a mother to my wonderful son Shane ,whom I raised as a single mother for 12 years. I put my artistic goals on hold trying to provide for my son as best I could in those circumstances. Life was good until I was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm which left me with a bitter sweet taste in my mouth.....During the few years of recovery following the brain surgery, I discovered my need to go back to creating. I felt as I was giving a second chance at life...and a chance to follow my dreams .I realized that it is never to late to become who you are supposed to be ! I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to work in the studio of pop artist Tom Fedro for the last few years where I set my foundation as an artist, throughout that time I focused primarily on mixed media abstracts, now reaching the level of professional artist and being collected on an international scale.

" A native of Kielce, Poland, Elwira’s abstract expressionist paintings mingle sleek and contemporary style with weathered, organic looks. Using a unique blend of colors and textures, Pioro is a self-taught artist whose work truly stands out. "

Erica loop