Nuclear Jupiter Photography

Nuclear Jupiter Photography

I am a photographer located in grand rapids, Michigan. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and fascinated with the city and Michigan in general. I am best described as an urban decay photographer but I dabble in all platforms of the digital world, including wedding, engagement, senior, baby, and family photography! I love capturing bold color amongst desaturation, shadows, intentional over exposure, nature, macro shots of all texture, isolation for impact.I believe that the things most people find to be dirty, gross, or run down, are sometimes the most striking. We cant hide the world from the world and we must choose to look past the rubble to find a city and heartbeat emerging beneath. Nature conquers all though, I have found amongst all my urban exploration that nature and life always seeps through the cracks and begins to rebuild even when society has given up.

detroit urban decay

Abandoned Michigan

Nature over exposed


Nature straight forward