Novo Weimar

Novo Weimar

live in Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan.

creative education organizer @aceartacademy

photo manipulation without airbrush/paint techniques.

This art style is deeply connected to my occupation and traditional essense of Japanese culture.

In working as an art teacher for more than 20 years, I try to find the ability and possibility in the students. Then I make the most of my words and their gift or talent emerged.

To make the most of the essense in materials is Japanese manner (just like sashimi and sushi). First, try to find and make it out. Second, make the most of it.

Japanese culture has traditionally regarded natural environment and daily life as plentiful source of wonder. Wonder surrounds us, but is invisible.

So I take photos in my daily life, and make the most of these images. Surroundings or reality of mine and daily life are taken in my photographs, but there's invisible wonder.

In my photo-artworks, no airbrush/paint is used. And, no added colors. All the vivid colors in my art was originally buried in each photograph, but my photo manipulation techniques make vividness, brightness and every color emerged.

Reality on Pixel 1809 | Color

Reality on Pixel 1809 |B/W

Reality on Pixel 1808 | Color

Reality on Pixel 1808 | B/W

Tokyo Vividness

presence of the wall

Jungle in the Concrete City

Stairway faraway

Tokyo Night Flight

the Day