Nova Hill

Nova Hill

Painter (Oils)

Nova Hill was born and raised in South Korea, where she was a stenography instructor and taught academic English to middle and high school students. After immigrating to the United States in 2007, she lived in Brookline, MA and has been living in Stoneham, MA since 2014.

Her interest in art began in early childhood. Her first art award was at an art contest on the theme of the Korean War in elementary school, and in high school, her works were selected and displayed in an art contest every year. From young age painting was her passion and an integral part of her daily life, but she majored in English and Education for a steady income.

Although her educational and career background is different from art, she has been immersed in experimenting with different styles and painting techniques. After using the oil, she was fascinated by the techniques of Impasto and Alla Prima, learning not only how to see and feel nature as defined by the Impressionists of the past, but also to understand and express colors differently.

She focuses on color, texture, and symbolic simplicity in feeling the inner world of nature and expressing emotions through painting. In her work with oil, she expresses freely and uses rich and bold colors. With as little layering as possible, she uses random abstract patterns and striking lines to simplify things in nature and applies broken color techniques to accentuate brushmarks.