Norman Allan

Norman Allan

Norman Allan: “artist’s statement”

I say, Scribble me an eye, and I do. Or I’ve said that, I throw myself at the “canvas” like Jackson Pollack threw his paint. The “process” is a dialogue between form and chaos; an interaction of hand, eye, and media. Is it algorithms, the process? Tricks and subprograms? e.g. go counter intuitive, and/or what’s to hand? If the graphic works with a single line, that would be so fine. But the space is large (relatively), and my hand seems to be happily haphazard, so I wrest with the drawing until it pleases me, until it feels “finished”. When a wild scribble works well, I am super chuffed.

“Make a statement!”: There is form and chaos. Form and chaos in the grain of the plywood. Form and chaos unfolding from my scribbling hand. They talk with each other, and when I’m lucky, they sing.

Oh, and, I paint on plain pine panels because “archival paper” intimidated me. The boards cost as much, but they are simple panels, so I feel free. I respect them, these plywood boards, these spiral slices of pine trees. I love them.