Norina Art

Norina Art

Norina Dixon was born in South East England, and lives with her partner on the outskirts of London in a converted farmhouse with a collection of other creatives (including musicians and actors).

Though not officially trained in any specific discipline, Norina is a highly versatile artist and an explorer of creativity and inspiration. She is often dabbling with a variety of mediums such as: woodblock printing, ink, acrylics, watercolour, scratchboard and pottery. She also plays with a broad range of styles -from minimalism and abstract to surrealism, impressionism and realism.

She studied an undergraduate degree in Literature before going on to complete an MA in Philosophy in 2011, and often her art is inspired by contemplative musings on fairytales, fictional characters, spiritual matters and the human condition.

Her hobbies include: walking incredibly slowly around art museums, staring out of her window at the passing river, experimenting with new cooking recipes, traveling and reading.

Life drawing