No Destination

Thiago and Ana are a couple that lives outside. For many years they had worked on a big city, full of buildings and people. Many things to do, lots of problems to solve and no time at all to think about life.

Big cities are claustrophobic, you don't see green areas, animals. Everything is made by man and industrialized. It's hard to find a natural place to escape.

Thiago and Ana decided they don`t wanted to live their anymore and want to start a new life from scratch. To many risks were assumed and no guarantees of anything. But they are stronger believers of destiny and faith.

They look everyday for signs that the universe give us, that can make us have incredible insights of the purpose of life and how deal with the many challenges we face everyday.
They now try to look for those signs and picture than or create a story about them. They continue to look for a more human life, more natural ways to survive in this technological world.

That is not a easy path, but it brings great rewards as see the sun rising in the sky and get wet by the rain, listen the birds and the sea sound.

They believe we are part of nature, so, nature must be around us!

Nature landscapes