Nobility Ranch, Season M. Ellison

Nobility Ranch, Season M. Ellison

My name is Dr. Season Ellison and I'm the owner of Nobility Ranch where we specialize in photography about camping, landscapes and especially landscapes on horseback! We also make funny saying horse tee-shirts, and limited ingredient horse treats. I'm an equine massage therapist and avid trail rider by weekend and a Professor at Northern Arizona University by day!

The world viewed through the ears of a horse is a reminder not only that we are human but that we can be greater when we form a partnership with our animal companions and our natural surroundings. I hope my photography inspires you to feel the same.

Some of the images are digitally retouched--mostly for my own fun. Others are exactly as they were when they were taken.

You'll notice the blonde dog is a central image of many of my photographs. Unfortunately we lost her to a tragic accident on October 25, 2014. I carry her spirit and inspiration with me through these images. She was a soul animal and was in my life for 11 years. I hope that she can provide you with the same sense of peace and creativity that she did me as you look up her images.