Nicci Netter Artworks

Nicci Netter Artworks

My mission as an artist is to ensure that it makes a contribution to improve the human condition. The creative process is always joyful, liberating and entirely restorative, and I believe these qualities can be felt by potential collectors when they observe the work. I also want to make a tangible contribution. ALL OF THE ARTIST'S PERSONAL PROFITS WILL BE DONATED TO NAMI (after all expenses have been deducted). Last year's sales resulted in a $500 donation. My goal for this year is $5,000. In 2020, I lost my oldest brother who battled mental illness all of his life. He died of natural causes - I do not want my story to be misleading - but he died in an institution and his struggle was of a magnitude that I think few people have any real understanding of. Stigma says people with mental illness are weak. They are not. Stigma says they have no hope. They do. Stigma says they are too dangerous, too unpredictable, too sad to be drawn into a productive society. Even I had a hard time grasping the reality that this person was STRONG, AMAZING, PASSIONATE, LARGER THAN LIFE - not broken, weak, helpless, hopeless.

My work falls into two styles: expressionism and abstract expressionism, although my personal style and use of color is evident in both types of work. I create every day, I create with musical background, and I keep my choice of music uplifting and pertinent when I paint to ensure I am infusing my creations with positive emotion, albeit, I listen to a wide variety of genres. I would describe my style as a unique use of vibrant color, complicated palettes and lots of movement in the strokes to mimic dancing. I am also fond of multi-directional strokes and splatters, as well as representations of my spiritual influences.

I am a very spiritual person and enjoy combining my abstract style with portrayals of nature spirits and deities, mostly expressed in the female form. I feel that the divine feminine has long been stifled by narrow-minded conceptions of the nature of God; thus, I like to paint portrayals of this beautiful aspect of spirituality. My abstract style still comes through - do not expect realism, but expressionist portrayals of the beauty these beings represent for me, and hopefully, for others that hold to similar paths.

Inquiries about any work of art may be directed to Please note "artwork inquiry" in the subject line. If you do decide to purchase an original, please drop me an email and I will be sure you see an acknowledgement from NAMI that the donation has been made after the gallery pays me.


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