Nicci Netter Artworks

Nicci Netter Artworks

I am very drawn to abstract works as an expression of individual emotions, and sometimes, the tangle of emotion that occurs during particularly hard times or periods of rapid growth. Most of my paintings are either purely abstract expressionism, have some abstract elements in them, or are expressionistic. In my portraits and landscapes, I like to turn the use of color upside down in my artwork, using it in ways that portray a somewhat imaginary world where everything is the wrong hue. I don't do realism at all - I prefer stylized portraits and imaginary landscapes. I want the viewer to be inspired to go experience the natural world and to see the beauty of people in unconventional ways. The versatility of the natural world, as well as the versatility of humanity, is very fascinating to me - I always see beauty in everything and everyone. There is inspiration everywhere! I love the emotional portrait styles of Ko byung jun and Anna Matykiewicz. Songmi Heart is another favorite for landscapes and I have recently discovered Pol Ledent for a variety of subjects. My artistic endeavors began in an art therapy session in early 2019, so this is a surprising form of creative expression for me. I am still a "young" artist - I am evolving and still enjoy a variety of subjects in my painting, although I think a particular style is starting to emerge. I have learned I cannot force it or overthink it - it evolves on its own through the joyful process of creating. Born and raised in the Midwest United States, I now live in Arizona with my husband. It is a great joy to discover new avenues of creative expression that I love. Thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork!

As an artist, I am primarily self-taught through hours of exploration, but I have had some coaching, video instruction, and workshops. I hold a B.S. in Telecommunications Management and worked in the industry for years.


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