Nicci Netter Artworks

Nicci Netter Artworks

I discovered my passion for art in early 2019. I worked hard in 2020 to evolve my personal style and was particularly drawn to vibrant palettes. My work currently falls into two styles: expressionism and abstract expressionism, although my personal style and use of color is evident in both types of work. I set a very lofty goal for 2021 with regards to the number of pieces I wanted to produce and was quickly feeling hurried and stifled by "painting myself into a corner" because I was restricting myself to a specific style. Although this development is encouraged by curators and galleries, I think it may be a misleading viewpoint. In my view, to do so is to force it, creating art to make a name, make money or to give too much credence to intentionally trying to please others. It stifles creativity and it stops being pleasurable. I started creating because it was uplifting. Concentrating too much on trying to push it a particular direction can ruin the experience. I want to continue experimenting, although it is evident that there is a common stylistic thread through all of my work.

I would describe my abstract style as a unique use of vibrant color, complicated palettes and lots of movement in the strokes to mimic dancing. I am also fond of multi-directional strokes and splatters. My abstracts are an expression of the joy and freedom in just creating without pressure.

My portraits, with the exceptions of a few, are representations of my spiritual influences. I am a very spiritual person and enjoy combining my abstract style with portrayals of nature spirits and deities, mostly expressed in the female form. I feel that the divine feminine has long been stifled by narrow-minded conceptions of the nature of God; thus, I like to paint portrayals of this beautiful aspect of spirituality. My abstract style still comes through - do not expect realism, but expressionist portrayals of the beauty these beings represent for me, and hopefully, for others that hold to similar paths.

At the beginning of 2021, I began to develop an interest in the pure beauty of natural settings and I am experimenting with landscapes. I only occasionally deviate from my bright palettes, but it has been enjoyable to do something different from my norm. The style is still expressionism.

Inquiries about any original work of art may be directed to although sales will be handled through the site. Please note "artwork inquiry" in the subject line and indicate if you would like to be added to my mailing list for the newsletter. Please know I adhere to a particular pricing structure in all of my work (cost of materials + packing/shipping/handling + time spent at $25/hour)

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