Latin America is a peculiar context to be born in, partly because of the words we say, the music we dance, nature, the extravagant past in addition to the enormous challenges that the present brings. However, although the culture is also a dynamic concept and configures us at the beginning, it currently exist not necessarily a limit afterwards to value, understand, resist, overcome and incorporate.

Art has always been a tool to express and reflect an society, sensations, opinions, scene, blink; and although, my work refers an objective reality, through the unconscious, with personal nuances and movement, I am not only looking to portray moments, sounds, images, words ... I want to dedicate my life to provoke enthusiasm, sadness, relief and despair. I seek to give my life to art and create a method of change to transmit healing messages.

Culture and experience shape the content and one resorts to the role to free oneself, because everything is possible and breathes. My works come from the earth and walk barefoot, where colors and water are irrigated creating shapes, touching the narrow line between the tangible and the impalpable, walking alone to find in the creations a new world in their abstract vision.

My paintings are alive and moving.