Natalia Kowal

Natalia Kowal

Painting has always been the undercurrent; I have always painted simply because it was my place. The circumstances of my life never fully allowed me to professionally train, but over the years I have built up some skills to be able to paint what I think and I am coming to a place where I can develop my own style.

The pandemic related to COVID has rendered me unemployed, and although the future is uncertain - this time will be the first ever when I can focus on developing an interrupted body of work. I don't know where it will lead me, or if it will lead me anywhere at all - but it's my place and I'm so grateful to spent some quality time here.

I have lived and worked in New York since 1995. My family and I immigrated from Kazakhstan (right after the fall of USSR) where I spent my childhood; my ancestors seem to be a wide variety of all the nomads.

My work was never deliberate, but if i had to therapize it - I would conclude that i like to take on the idea of beauty. Even if a beautiful subject has been through the ringer of life - they forever seem to retain their beauty. Be they rotten, skeletal, destroyed - still beautiful.

Thank you for visiting and reading. It is my most sincere honor to share my work with you.

Sugar Skulls