I developed a strong interest in arts and paintings at a very young age.After studying fine art and design I have dedicated myself to creating original and captivating artwork.In my world life is presented in a universe of imagination and fantasy where abstraction and figuration are side by side in harmony.Colors and transparency evoke dreamlike effects and bring playful charm my paintings.In the last 20 years I have presented my work in many regions in the world as well as exhibiting in various galleries and cultural centers.My paintings may be found in private and cooperate collections throughout the world.To me art is an unconcious requirement of my being and compulsively each ray of light feeds hope,insatiable passion and sombre feelings that work with me on a profound journey through me expressed in line and color.It is a continuous search for new ways in which sensations are depicted in a very own style,where shapes and colors presented extend beyond reality.Its a world where vibrant natural forms and shapes coexist in ever flowing harmony....


New paintings