Andrei Nistor

Andrei Nistor

Understanding art by educational point of view helped me collect a set of skills which I use now to let my creativity express itself.
The artworks which I create are developing by themselves. I call this act 'flow'. Art comes out without the limitation of the mind, meaning without controlling it by thoughts. Art, itself, is a meditation: no thoughts, no similarities, no artistic canons, just pure instinct and devotement to the feeling itself. Trusting that the colours will be in perfect harmony and also letting them impress me.

'The flow' is like water.And so are we. Any artistic act is in permanent expansion.They let you feel that they are living, they have a permanent movement.
When I search for our connection with the Universe I find joy. I am impressed by nature, by the connection with the Universe and spiritual evolution.
The line is sharp, accurate and spontaneous. Each form is organic, no geometrical forms.


Digital Organic