Nisha Ghela

Nisha Ghela

Being positive and thankful is a large part of a happy life. My artwork is much
more than color, canvas, and frame, it is a catalyst for self motivation.

As an abstract artist I am always fascinated by texture, and the connection
specific tools leave on a piece once they’ve left their mark. Brushes, painting
knives, and wedges compliment the unorthodox credit cards, rollers, and other
objects that can elevate texture diversity.

Color is important in my work, and is emotionally tied to the piece, or the
subject overall. As an example, animals within my paintings are often presented
in tones that reflect my perception of their innocence as nature’s stewards. True
to this spirit I impose no prejudice in choosing colors when I start painting,
which often results in imaginative pairings of shade and subject.

Mindful of my own creativity, and how it pertains to the abstract, I use
meditation to seek inspiration. My mother is a practicing spiritual healer in
India, which has left in impact on my own process, and undoubtedly the rest of
my work.

I view mindfulness and soulfulness of art as an encompassing theme. The law of attraction and spiritual meditation overlap one another. By concentrating
thought and visualizing your beliefs, it is possible to manifest or attract the sort
of existence you desire.

Art is healing.

Nisha Ghela