Initiation into knowledge is my mission on our planet. But when I wanted to talk with the World, I realized that he did not hear me. How can I make my voice louder, because I know that even one person in the field is a warrior?

Inspired by one artist, I realized that I could shout to people through my techniques. And on these techniques came ideas for embodiment, which you can see one by one on this site.

In various ways, modern technology crushes and divides us. But I dream to combine everything together. Symbols, music, color, smell and taste - these are all international languages.

This three-dimensional world gives us the opportunity to know the Universe in many dimensions, which I want to show through my creations, which will help to see sounds, hear smells and enjoy visually.

You can immerse yourself in all spectra of aesthetic pleasure with each of #Nisekta's works.

I’m sure you will understand without words. #nisekta


Multidimensional Art

Fluid Art