Niki Fine Art

Niki Fine Art

I cannot imagine my life without art!!! Art is my life, my passion, my safe-haven.

I find art larger than life, since not only it contains my entire life, but through art, I create whatever I have the need of, and cannot find it in my real environment. I create everything I need and don’t seem to be able to find in my every day world. I draw into reality all the space and situations real life deprives me of. Lately I have an urge for calm and serenity and since I can’t find these features in my real world I create either abstract spaces or landscapes in which light and color in a contradicting harmony soothe soul and mind.

There is no lack, no deficiency, no shortage in my life that cannot be filled with my art. Standing in front of canvas doesn’t merely lead to the creation of artwork but also enables me to actually complete real life. Not only do I express my emotions, but also I create new ones both for me and the viewer.

Finding the shapes and colors that fit my mood, playing with lights and shadows, expressing my feelings is no longer enough. Art, whether abstract or not, is not only a means of expression, it’s a means of creating new fascinating worlds, in which I can communicate with my audience as well as with my inner thoughts.

It’s a kind of magic…

Boat paintings