Tsubasa Matsuura

Tsubasa Matsuura


I draw lines on a pure white screen, like planting plants.

The Japanese paints used, “Mineral pigments” are made of powdered crystal.
Mineral pigments are applied to the screen by the stroke of the painter.
The pigments are gradually built up in layers.

After some time, form is defined the subject takes form.
By pouring water over the screen from top to bottom, deposits of mineral pigments are carried away and build up on the tracks I’ve drawn. Water washes over the layer on occasion, dissolving the mineral pigments and soaking them into the screen.

By crystal and water, acts, both artificial and random, seem to pile up like momentary feelings and memories, renewing it.

An artwork embodies what amasses and accumulates in a whirlpool of interactions-interactions between the artist and the subject, the subject and the art, the art and the artist.

Therefore, I believe that an artwork is not created. Rather, it appears.