Nicole ___'s Art

Nicole ___'s Art

Hi there, I make paintings and art in general. it is my whole life's devotion other than family. I use my unique connection to the beyond to paint what I see inside and feel. I am very blessed for that. I use my subconscious, my dreams, the deepest parts of my soul, and my basic to intense human emotions to create my work. I also harness the energy from my past lives that I have yet to fully explore, to bring to the surface what needs to be shared with the present universe. My main goal, I want my art to make people feel safe, loved, and never ever alone. No matter what you are feeling or going through. Each of my paintings is a dance of colors and textures and concepts, some things planned and some completely improvised, and if they could exist as their own entity, their own reality for people to explore, they would.

I have been painting for years now but I am only 20 and I hope to touch as many people as I can with my art and also fund my growing family's lives as most I can.
Thank you so much.

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