Nicole Burnett

Nicole Burnett

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Nicole Burnett - When my ideas and creativity mix, art is created. I’m inspired by traveling and finding beauty in my surroundings. Then I create art using bright beautiful colors. My designs transport people to a happy place for just a few moments allowing them to see art through my eyes.

As a child growing up in East Lansing, Michigan, I was usually found drawing, doodling or designing fashionable clothing & houses. Art came naturally and in high school I decided to pursue a career in Graphic design and graduated college with a degree in Computer Graphics.

I've always found myself to have varied artistic interests and loves multiple forms of art including Painting, Drawing, Illustration, Sculpture, and Interior Design; my desire is to see concepts become a beautified reality.

Several years ago my family moved to Orlando, we love roller coasters, dining out and enjoying local activities. I'm extremely inspired by the beach, my love for fine arts is blossoming and my art work is beautifying corporations as well as homes across America.

I love sharing my passion for art and enjoy teaching people to paint. Eventually I plan to open an art gallery that will feature unique designs from around the world.

I paint in oil, acrylic and mixed media. My art comes from the heart as custom commission pieces for art lovers and collectors. My work is available in giclee and prints as well.

My full portfolio can be viewed on my website, the name is inspired by my love of the ocean.