Nicholson Art Gallery

Nicholson Art Gallery

I started doolding and drawing at a young age in all different mediums and what ever I could draw on, even using cardboard boxes as my canvas.

My grandmother was an artist that painted in oil, watercolor and sometimes in pastel that got me interested in painting. When ever we went to grandmas house we would always draw and paint. This encourage me to take an art class every year in grade school to learn new techniques.

I'm a self-taught artist that always took tips and pointers from my grandmother, art teachers and what I've picked up along the way. Recently I have completed a couple of courses on the Fundamentals in Visual Arts and in Studio as well as Abstract Art History.

I work in all styles of art and all types of mediums from watercolor, acrylics, oil, oil pastels, felts, pencils, crayons and what ever else may be used. As of now pallet knife abstracts in acrylics are my favorites works cause my moods are transfer to the canvas and it drys fast, sometimes a little to fast.

My inspiration comes from all the great landscapes and senery that Canada has to offer. My grandmother quoted me " There will always be landscapes, so you always have something to draw or paint".

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