Nick Teed Art

Nick Teed Art

I'm an English artist with a passion for producing atmospheric, dramatic and decorative works. I've worked primarily with paints over the years and covered every subject from portraiture to 25 by 30 foot canvas theatrical backdrops and large stage props including cars, boats, castles and a glittering Cinderella coach.
My formal education in art ended with an A-Level but I've taken several courses in different mediums and surface stained glass manufacture and design. I trained in acting and I teach drama and write for acting anthologies and LAMDA exam pieces. During particularly productive phases and when I've felt enterprising, I've sold a number of fine art originals and commissioned portraits. Commercially I've provided large scale works for restaurants, gyms, and High Street retail stores.
I'm currently taking commissions for mural art in the North of England and portraits worldwide.
The collections I have for you in my gallery are prints of some of my digital and acrylic pieces. There can be misconceptions about using MS Paint in that there is a tendency to perceive it to be a lesser form of art. The pieces in these collections took between one working day and two working weeks to complete. The programme I have is very basic (windows 7) and I use mainly one paint brush, a simple airbrush and some rectangular shapes. Because I'm using my forefinger to make small movements on the touchpad of my laptop, there is no pressure sensitivity. I do find one distinct advantage is that there is no drying time! My experience of this fascinating medium has shown me that the preparation must be done and the concentration must be absolute. The artist's originality still comes through, the imagination is still in full flight and the process is just as challenging as it is when working in other mediums!
I hope you enjoy these collections as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

Figurative paintings

Still Life paintings

Abstract multi-coloured


Abstract in blue

Contemporary Decor

Abstract in red