Nickeless Fisher

Nickeless Fisher

Created in 1973, Nick Fisher embarked on a journey of artistic realization. Nick's artistic development was underway at an early age: unmistakably evidenced in initial endeavors in crayon wall murals and fecal sculpture. Later, this artistic flow was parentally channeled into more socially acceptable mediums including pencil/pen renderings and watercolor.

As a punk rock teen in the 80's, the artist's exploration for new mediums continued with experimentation in fumage and found object...or as local authorities referred to these mediums: arson and petty larceny.

Eventually, teenage angst gave way to a more focused and devout pursuit of the arts. In the fall of '91, Nick began attending classes at the University of Michigan's School of Art where he took art and studied drugs.

Then the demons came.

In 1993, an expert was consulted, and it was determined that the demons could easily be banished by drilling a few small holes in the artist's skull and simply removing the stones of madness harbored there. Though very enticing, the process was abandoned in favor of returning to Northern Michigan and closing this chapter of education with An Associates Degree in Art from Northwestern Michigan College.
This newly found accreditation subsequently afforded Nick the luxurious employment of managing the graveyard shift of a local gas station.

Feeling perhaps undeserving of such a selective post, a newspaper want ad was investigated which led to over a decade of picture framing. During this time, the artist has been tolerated by numerous regional organizations (Traverse City Arts Council, Art Works Alliance, arTCenter, Waste Management, Traverse City Police Department) and has shown work in Michigan's state capitol and even the infamous "Dirty" show in Detroit.

In 2014 the spirit of a lover, trapped inside of his dog Sugar was ritually extracted and placed inside the body of a human being whom we shall call Maxine. We shall call her this because it is her name. They married and now reside in New York City where Maxine is a Sommelier and Nick is allowed to drool over the finest of fine art while working as a custodian at a blue chip art gallery .





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