Nian Lrel

Nian Lrel

I started studying at the Open University in 2012, following the Humanities: Arts History and Creative Writing pathway. During these studies years I had met some good friends. In 2015 started working as a professional artist. When I am not writing poems or essays, I would get creative in visual art and my favourite genre is portraits painting. I remembered when I was at school, my best subject was art and soon after I left school my interest in arts had continue. In the last five years until now, I have continued and expand my interest in arts. Throughout the years at university, visual arts were an inspiration. Many artworks produced by some famous artists, contemporary artists and members from various arts’ groups (on and offline) had inspired me to pursue my childhood dream to become an artist (now a designer too for apparel and accessories and houseware products).
If you visit my website at, you can find out more of the areas of creativity I am interested in.

Now I sells my arts and designs at 3 different eCommerce websites, including, who produce Print-on-Demand products.

Here are the two other eCommerce companies.

Company is located in USA.

Products: cushions, t-shirts, bags, scarves, housewares products.
Since 2017, I became a designer member at The company produces many Custom-Made-to-Order products. My designs include mainly women’s clothing, accessories, houseware products and a few other things. The times it takes for the products to be ready for delivery are different ranging from 1 week to 8 weeks depending on what product(s) you like to order, because their crafters are located at different countries around the world.
Website link:

Products: Clothes, bags, Christmas Ornaments, gift ideas, houseware, cushions, accessories.
I registered with since 2019. The company manufactures over 450 products including clothing and accessories as well as houseware and office products; accessories for men, women and children. I am now selling some houseware products, clothing and accessories, and I am aiming to design more variety.
Website link:


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