Neil Harrison - NHArtDesign

Neil Harrison - NHArtDesign

Art has always been a Passion of Mine, ever since I can remember. This is my serious full-time hobby. My paintings feature colour, texture and movement. My abstract work takes many forms with a wide range of mediums including paint pouring in acrylics, alcohol inks, mixed media and resin. I crave experimentation and use various techniques to create bespoke and one of a kind creations.

About The Artist:
Neil lives in the North East of England and is always very modest about his innovative artwork. His initial interest is from classic artists and takes his inspiration from the colour palette and depth of these paintings and tries to create the same within his own abstract portrayal and interpretation.

Neil began his art journey producing acrylic pour paintings on canvas. His early works are bold and colourful, free flowing and dramatic revealing the unpredictable beauty of this artform. Constantly exploring new techniques Neil introduced resin, Mixed Media and alcoholic inks on Yupo paper (often with a resin finish) to his art CV.

Neil continues to produce works in a variety of styles on an ever-changing journey to create expression.

I hope you feel inspired by my Art.

Neil Harrison