New World Imagery

New World Imagery

“We experience an unknown and unknowable harmony between ourselves and the nature we behold. No particular item within our perception can account for the depth surrounding that perception. What vibrates through it points to something beyond it that we can never grasp as a particular item of fact within it. There is a resonance that is sounded between the unknown depth in the self and the unknowable depth in the nature of things. Deep calls to deep."
--William Barrett, The Illusion of Technique

In between these depths float the images, and within the image is a fleeting, but captured, "now".

New World Imagery seeks to capture images from elsewhere, images that may convey the immense wonder and depth of this deep to deep entwining of ourselves and this world.

Quantum physics tells us that, not only the world we live on, but, indeed the entire cosmos, each instant and with each perception, within each successive, never ending flowing "now" and expansion, is but one particular quantum collapse, one out of an infinite number of possibilities. Images can remind us, images can capture us and fill us with a sense of awe and wonder, and images can leave behind, a frozen instant that will serve as proof that yes, that original moment, that particular quantum collapse really did, indeed occur.

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