Newlight Angel Art

Newlight Angel Art

I'm a mother of two beautiful daughters that I adore both in college. I've always dreamed of becoming a professional artist. I grew up in a family of designer, crafters, and artists with a family owned business where we did juried Arts and crafts shows for years.

I am often drifting into a Zen state while creating a piece where everything disappears and I'm in a completely different dimension. Lost in a magical world of bliss and tranquility.

I am honored to share my gifts and blessings here. I'm looking forward to finding new friends who have the same passions and goals as I do in life.

This a big turning point in my life for me. I feel like I'm discovering a whole new world where we can all find each other and learn as we inspire and empower our highest truth!

in a way I feel like I just got home and there is so much I can't wait to show you and tell you about. I hope you can truly enjoy my creativity and expressions.

I believe there is great power in art. it has the ability to heal, inspire, and open our hearts and minds to the light of Heaven. Invoking emotion, excitement and meaning to life that we search for all throughout our journey. A little bit more of you becomes apparent when we touch this spirit of creation within us. We remember who we are and what all we can become.

please stop in visit with me and share your interests.. Let's enjoy the creative talents and gifts streaming down from Heaven.