Nesrin Sen

Nesrin Sen

All my life I have been doing art and music.
That is the reason why I studied the aesthetic art program at senior high school. Parallel I had a rock-popband and took classical singing lessons. After that I decided to study music and studied jazz and classical music for three years.

During that time I was working with my songs for my first album, Type Nesrin Sen, released May 2002.

On my second album, Plenty Coloured Bird, released December 2005, most of the instruments have been recorded at the same time, including my lead guitar and lead vocal on all the tracks. My idea for the production was to make it sound live. So here is my second album also written, produced, arranged and designed by me.

My third album, Victoria Water Lilies, released April 2014, is out! on Spotify Itunes and Cdbaby....

Drawing and painting is a natural part of my life. Some of my works of art have been sold at different exhibitions, such as 'The Youth Spring Exhibition' at Liljevalchs. I also have studied design and did my practice at the Swedish Brodcasting Corporation.

Beside my studies I have been working as a preschool teacher, at an English preschool. I am also an educated interprenter.