My name is Adriana Pavelescu, I am psychologist and I love to see all the people happy around me. I love to work with children very much, their innocence and their way to see the life is absolutely amazing.

I enjoyed painting since I was a child and painting has become one of my essential ways to express myself. An emotional interest is my true goal in every piece. I am inspired by the love and by the life itself. For me, painting is a way to express my feelings, my emotions and a way to heal. Painting is an art therapy where I can pick up the nonverbal symbols and metaphors that are often expressed through art and the creative process, concepts that are usually difficult to express with words.

For me, Art therapy does work, some things simply cannot be expressed in words, and art always leaves a tangible fingerprint of one’s self behind which can be observed even years after making. . . not only that, but I believe many times the amount of information can be related in a fraction of the time as simple taking-type therapy.

I am inspired by ordinary and simple beauty as well as the chaotic nature of our universe, and the miracle of this existence. In some of my paintings, I use hidden messages, like love, abundance, success, etc. that can help you to improve your life. I use oils and acrylics and paint on a variety of surfaces including, canvas and board. Painting gives me so much satisfaction and helps me relax and enjoy life.

Through the art the soul smiles, and what comes from inside it's really nice and appreciated.