I was born in Kent, UK in 1958 – a true Kentish Man, as opposed to a man of Kent.

I was aware throughout my childhood that I tended to look at the fine detail of things that fascinated me: From uncovered ants’ nests or the eyes of a fly, through to the layout and colours on a record label.

I had the urge to draw and paint whilst still a pre-teen and dreamed of becoming an artist. Life being what it is things didn’t always go to plan. However, after many comfortable years in Suffolk, UK at age 57, I have moved back to Kent, UK to finally realise my dream.

What can I tell you about me as an artist? Basically, I tend to work mostly with Acrylics, although I would say that Oil is my preferred medium. Unfortunately, it does not have the quick turnaround time of Acrylic.

As for the subjects I paint, I really have no preferences. It’s more about whatever takes my fancy really. I often get inspiration from a title and the image that comes to mind. Any and all topics are considered.