Art by Neha

Art by Neha

My background is certainly a unique one. As both a physician and a self-taught artist in the Dallas- Ft. Worth area, I am incredibly thankful to have the rare opportunity to pursue two of my strongest passions—medicine and art.

When I was little I doodled at any opportunity I got; however, I also played with my mom's stethoscope for fun. A couple of decades later, things haven't changed a bit!

After long hours in the hospital and heart-breaking patient stories, I am able to find peace of mind and a creative release in my painting. I come home, blast music, and pour feeling into my work. My pieces offer unique perspectives, especially since I've lived in four different countries and multiple states within the U.S.

My current collection includes abstract art inspired by my recent travels across the world to India, Thailand, Cambodia, Belize, Aruba, Jamaica, Vietnam, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Mexico, and Brazil. Each piece incorporates the use of texture; most use earth tones while some are full of vibrant colors.

The stories told in my abstract paintings are inspired by challenging life experiences that I have faced in recent years. I hope that my paintings evoke emotion while allowing the viewer a glimpse into different cultures.

Thanks for visiting my shop; I hope you find something you like!