Shy Drawing

Shy Drawing

My name is ShyRell Wood. I am originally from Blackfoot, Idaho. My parents traveled a lot while I grew up and we finally settled down in California. In 2009 graduated high school in Sanger, ca. From there I joined the army and was a corrections officer for 3 years.

August of 2009 I went to basic training in fort lenardwood, Missouri. From there I went to my first duty station which was Guantanamo bay, Cuba. After Cuba I was station in fort Lewis, washington from December of 2010 to August of 2012.

In 2011 I had my handsome son, he is now 6. After I got out of the army I was down on my luck and not sure what my next move would be. Finally in January of 2014 I decided to use my pot 9/11 g. I. Bill to go to collage for fine arts. I went for 2 years and had some bad stuff happen and messed up my schooling for awhile.

I had to take a break from school, but I also needed to find a job so I could provide for my son. Interview after interview I kept being turned down, until one someone finally have me a chance. In September of 2016 I started working for a cleaning company called Merry Maids. It was fun and I really enjoyed it for awhile then I realized there was too much drama for me at that job and left in May of 2017.

I love drawing, painting and taking pictures. I have been drawing/painting for the last 4 years. I do special drawings/paintings upon request. I also love taking pictures of anything and everything.

Have a wonderful day, blessed be.


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