Naughty Jesus

Naughty Jesus

Hi there!

My name's Chris Cummings. If you have found my page you are an amazing human being and you should feel great that you are so awesome. If you were referred here by a friend, you are lucky to have a friend that is that cool.

I have been drawing since I was in Elementary School. People tell me I have a gift, and I'd like to share it with you. My drawings range from video games, animals, landscapes, and buildings to people, events, natural wonders, and objects. Basically I can draw anything. That's why they call me Jesus (although Jesus was an actual historical figure and I'm just a drawer, but not the kind in a cabinet).

I am new to the ArtPal community but I'm hoping that I won't be a stranger for long. My drawings create miracles (not really but they're super cool) and I'm very proud of what I do. If you want to support me (you do, don't you? :D) check out my gallery to thy left. If you like anything, great! I'm happy to have drawn something you like. More drawings come every week so don't think this is it. I'm always drawing!

I will expanding my drawings to the social media world soon and will be on every social media site you're on. Follow me if you want. Also, custom requests are coming soon. If you want a custom request, help support my endearing endeavor (me) so that I can start drawing the stuff YOU want sooner rather than later. The faster I grow, the faster you get the drawings you want. And that helps everyone!

Oh, and hey, email me at if you want to make a custom request for my weekly drawings. Or email me of you want to say something about me work or if you just want to say hi! I have nothing but good things to say to you, hopefully the same is true for you! Just email me with your name and what you would like me to draw. Maybe even attach a picture. Further details will be provided once you email me.

Spread the word of Naughty Jesus! Together we can make an art revolution (revelation?). Tell everyone you know and their dogs if you like my work. I'd appreciate it much. And thanks for stopping by and checking out my drawings. See, I knew you were cool :)

(Full disclaimer: the name "Naughty Jesus" was specifically conjured from my own imagination and has absolutely nothing to do with my religious views. I have been a Christian all my life and support all branches of religion (or lack of) with a positive light)

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