I'm a member of Artists Trade Union of Russia. My exhibitions are held in Russia since 1997.
Instagram - @Natvorilka.

Attempts to talk honestly about yourself are considered to be naive and "unprofessional". But what is the profession of "Artist"? The artist just has to be himself.

I became myself in December 25, 1983, in the family of foresters. My family rarely heard about the artists; except that grandma embroidered stitch very complex in tonal combination of the picture and grandpas were good in writing poems and memoirs.

Entering College, I didn't know what would happen next. I was just the weird girl who wanted to think and draw, think, think and draw. To be honest, I don't understand artists who believe the creative process is only sensual, not intellectual.

For me, art has very much intellectual power and sense. For me it is really important that, looking at my pictures, people found good qualities in themselves and have struggled with bad; thought about how much their lives depend on them, because life is made up, primarily, of our relationship to it.

I believe that art should be international and understandable - or at least interesting - to people at any age.


Our world and little more

Creative erotica