Natural Born Talents

Natural Born Talents

Welcome to NBT Hunter (

I am a life counselor and play therapist. (I can read an individual's aura within 30 minutes and give advice accordingly)

I teach a variety of martial arts: Okinawan/Japanese/Taiwanese

I ghost hunt (But not now, if necessary, due to fatigue from fighting ghosts...)

I do artwork from the things I see from this world as well as and the psychic .

Please feel free to ask any questions about the paranormal and I would be happy to make a video on just about any subject related to the paranormal and psychic world.

Presently, I am making videos and books for children's education.

Other Works:


Flowers & Macro Photography


Landscape Photography

Water Colors of Aiko & Friends

Black and White Photography

Nude Oils and Photos

Fantasy & Steampunk

Samurai Stuff


Humor and Posters

Dark & Weird

Abstract & Minimal Photography

Walls and Doors

Humor & Funny Things