Natalya Ruz

Natalya Ruz

I draw with all my heart how I hear and feel. The beauty that I observe in this world is so real and sincerely inspiring ...

My name is Natalya. I have been fond of art since childhood. I learned a lot at an art school: drawing, painting, composition, sculpture. Now in my city I teach painting in an art studio. My first exhibition was held in Moscow in 2020.
The beauty of nature penetrates my heart so deeply that I cannot comprehend life without it. Drawing and painting are my passions. My perceptions and interpretations of the views of Nature have become my main artistic theme. The beauty that I observe in this world is so real and sincerely inspiring. The genre in which I most often paint my oil paintings is Modern Impressionism.
My oil paintings on canvas, using mainly a spatula, with thick appliqués, greasy strokes, beautiful details and rich colors. Palette knife gives my art a unique combination of contrast, fluidity, depth, texture and impact. The amazing dense texture obtained with a knife reflects the light more than a regular brush, and gives an excellent sense of movement with subtle highlights. I make really bright colors. And I use the harmony of absolutely stunning textures.

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