Nasrah Nefer

Nasrah Nefer

Nasrah Nefer

"Following the language of my soul is a great adventure. Deciphering this language gives a conscious insight into the depth of one's own existence and creates a dialog between soul and mind."

The German-Egyptian artist was born and raised in Heidelberg. In her early childhood she used painting as an expression than the spoken language. After completing school and her nurse training, she got the offer to absolve private degree in Italy. She lived and studied in Sardinia with Franzesco Santini for 2 years. She continued her art education in Germany. This was followed by studies at the University of Cologne in the subjects of Egyptology, Islamic studies and Archeology and a 9 year Education in contempary and egyptian dance. With a focus on Egyptian dance, she was more than 20 years active on international stages where she tought dance, gymnastics and art. Here artworks are published in Art Magazines and Catalogues and Art Books. 2020 she founded the Artist Group N A S Art with the Artists Ayşe Yalcındağ and Serpil Topaloğlu. Nasrah Nefer unites the cultures of the Orient and Occident in herself and her art. 2022 she was awarded with the 4th Leonardo da Vinci Prize (The universal Artist) and the International Caravaggio Art Prize (Great Masters of Art).

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