Fine Art Gallery

Fine Art Gallery

Nasim’s passion is to transform a captured moment in time into an expressive painting. This transition of photographic image to painting, converts a precious moment into an authentic & unique work of art that is the closest to subject's heart. Whether the painting is of a dancer, a child or a concerned father, the images reveals a true moment in the life of the subject. A precious moment when we don't pose for a picture, or put on a smile for the camera to cover up our fears...a moment that for the most part passes by and is either forgotten or wiped out.

These are the moments when our soul disconnects from the outside illusions to connect with the inside reality...a moment of quiet contemplation. Her intention is to not to recreate the moment, but allow it to flow into an art form that is alive and expressive.

Nasim’s work includes watercolors, pastels, charcoal on paper and acrylic on canvass.

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