Nas's Gallery

Nas's Gallery

At the age of 40, Nasir painted for the first time in his life. On a sunny afternoon in Granada, Spain, across from the Alhambra, he had the incredible urge to paint. Thus began a journey of self exploration through painting, which took him to all corners of the globe.

He chose right from the start to keep his process pure. He wanted to find his own language and develop his own techniques. He started to work from a sub-conscious level and found that he was filled with a great joy. His paintings, therefore are a reflection of the work he has done inside himself. The awakening of the inside to meet the outside in a dance and connect. His paintings he says are only as good as his state inside himself.

His paintings are mobile, challenging the viewer to travel through the work and go in different directions. The strong connections to nature is evident. And there is an incessant need for the human figures to connect to that nature. Often through intricate and squiggly lines implying a deep worship between the two. Nature cannot do without humanity and humanity cannot do without nature.

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