My name is Holly and I have chronic pain.

I do mostly 3d and geometrical pieces in Photoshop and illustrator. Mainly to distract me and pass the time. Theyre just like, abstract experimental things...

I live with my dad because I cant afford a house, especially not in the city we live in.
I wouldnt move to a cheaper city because I love my dad too much to move too far away from him. He helps me to buy food and crap for me and my pets. He’s cool.

Most of the time I just hang around at home and spend time on the computer reading books and articles and interesting stuff. I spend the rest of my time harassing my pets and mucking around with art and stuff. Also sometimes I help dad at his work with easy stuff when I can handle it.

My husband’s name is Garry and he is a blue indian ringneck parakeet. I have two daughters named Kitty and Camilla, they are both domestic tortoiseshell cats.
I also have a fat ass rabbit named Muffin, and my dad has a cockatiel named Manny.

Anyway I'm selling this stuff to try and get some money for, like, all of the above..?!