Tiia Erika / Nappinen

Tiia Erika / Nappinen


Hello there!
My name is Tiia Erika, known as Nappinen or Deadchu here on the internet! I am 17 years old girl from Finland and I'm currently studying audiovisual communication. It's pretty neat but not really the dream job of mine to be honest. I would love to go to study in an art school after my current education ends and evolve my beloved hobby a full-time job someday!
I've always loved to draw, it has been my hobby since I was able to hold a pen.
I am all self taught and I usually do digital paintings, portraits, fan art of my favorite series and a huge variety of other stuff!

Why am I selling my art? Well, I am 17, which means I'm gonna be moving out on my own from my mothers household in a couple years and I really need to have a little something to buy some furniture. I'm also trying to safe for better art equipment, so I can start creating traditional art in a bigger scale as well instead of just having those chances on digital art.

If my prints aren't as pleasing to your eyes as they could be or if you want something special for yourself or someone else, just contact me trough my e-mail or my other social medias!
Send me a picture of the topic you want me to draw/paint for you and we'll have a little chit chat about the subject. I'll send you a sketch (with base colors, quick shadows and highlights) you'll tell me if you want me to change things around and I'll fix them for you. After the sketch is ready, we'll lock the deal, you'll pay, I'll finish the art piece after your payment has been received and I'll ship the print for in a form you wish it to be! :3

Please have a nice day and forgive me my possible grammar/typing mistakes.

My socials are here!
E-mail: deadchu_DA@outlook.com !!! Please title this e-mail by "My personal print, (your name)" !!!
DeviantArt: http://nappinen.deviantart.com/
My art Gallery: https://blog6722.wordpress.com/
Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/deadchyou